Roine och Patrik

Our Mission
REHABTAPE is working to make Kinesiologytape available to all, and to disseminate knowledge about Kinesiologytape and tape technologies.

Good for you - important to us
Everyone should have the chance to rehabilitate their injuries as quickly and efficiently as possible. It's hard to see people suffer, especially when you know you can help them. It is important to us that everyone should have access to a good rehabilitation.

It should be as natural to use Kinesiologytape for rehabilitation as putting plaster on a bleeding wound. All athletes, big and small, should receive prompt and effective rehabilitation of their sport injuries. Leaders and coaches in all sport clubs should have knowledge of and access to Kinesiologytape. Specialists and healthprofessionals in rehabilitation of injuries, that can be treated with Kinesiologytape should be aware of and have access to Kinesiologytape. 

REHABTAPE AB was founded in 2007.